All three books in the acclaimed Blackwater series (Volumes One, Two and Three).

“Lots of action from start to finish, I couldn't put this book down. I had to keep reading.”

A desperate vigilante. An abducted daughter. And an eldritch god waiting to be reborn.

If you like psychotic gangsters, bone-crunching action and a sprinkling of Lovecraftian horror, then you’ll love T.W.M. Ashford’s supernatural thriller trilogy.

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How far would you go for the truth?

Hunter will kill for it. His daughter was abducted three years ago, and now he'll stop at nothing to find out what happened to her. Of course, in a city as sick and sordid as Blackwater, that can mean walking down some dark and peculiar roads...

At his wit's end, the elusive Thin Man offers him answers in exchange for taking on a simple security job. How could it go wrong? Framed for murder and on the run, Hunter has more than just shady mobsters to contend with. Something old and eldritch lurks beneath the streets, waiting to be reborn...


Three months have passed since Hunter and Liandra fought an undead spirit in an abandoned cathedral beneath Blackwater. Though the Thin Man escaped with a book capable of resurrecting an ancient god, all has been silent since. Having sat on the Chronicle’s invitation for long enough, Hunter decides it’s time to pay the mysterious old man a visit.

Teaming up with a guide and two-bit gangster, Eddie Buchman, he ventures deep into the heart of the Hollow. But the Chronicle isn’t quite how he imagined and he’s forced into a new bargain, one that brings him even closer to the shocking truth than ever before.

Join Hunter as he finally finds out what happened to his daughter.


The Old God has arrived. Blackwater City is in ruin. Hunter is nowhere to be seen.

A week has passed since the Old God broke through into our world. Abdul and the other survivors have put together a plan to close the tear between the lands of the living and the dead before the Old God can gather enough strength for a full invasion, but they’re missing a vital piece. Can they find Hunter? And even if they do, has he the strength left in him to defy a god?

© 2020 by T.W.M. Ashford.