A miserable hotel guest. An irritable concierge. A universe of possibilities.

Three years after the death of his wife and son, George Webber checks into Le Petit Monde in London to spend his last night on Earth in luxury. Everything that matters to him is gone, save for what’s in the briefcase he keeps clutched at his side. But when that briefcase is stolen, George discovers there are a great many more worlds than his own. If he wants it back, he’ll have to postpone checking out and travel farther than he ever thought possible.

CHECKING OUT: clockwise

Another door. Another story.

Everything is going just fine at Le Petit Monde, the London hotel that doubles as a crossroads for time and space. Nobody’s been shot under Pierre’s watch for nearly three months now, and Viola has become one of the hotel’s more permanent guests. But when an inspector turns up unannounced, everything is thrown into disarray… especially when Pierre “accidentally” pushes her into another universe. He’ll have to get her back if he wants to avoid the hotel getting a bad rating, or worse… Pierre being banished from the multiverse altogether.


CHECKING OUT: anticlockwise

One last door. One last story.


George has resurfaced at the far end of time and space, and Pierre has gotten ahead of the Torri-Tau… for now. But with nowhere left in the multiverse to run, the two of them need to work together and come up with a new plan to stop the blue menace - one which involves going right back to the start of everything… back to the Space Between Worlds.

© 2020 by T.W.M. Ashford.