Some stars are born. Others fall from the heavens.

All Gerald wants is for the world to know his name. The problem is, everyone seems to have forgotten it already. In an age of online influencers and superhero movies, who cares about an old man performing tricks?

Out of touch with the modern world, Gerald enlists the help of James Garrett and his scruffy friends. A video of Gerald’s performance goes viral, resulting in hundreds of television and sponsorship offers. But as unfortunate truths are revealed and public sentiment takes a turn for the worse, Gerald has to face his biggest fear – being treated the same as everyone else.

Will Gerald get the eternal fame he seeks? Or will he have to settle for infamy?

This tongue-in-cheek Contemporary Fantasy novel explores philosophical themes of morality and religion. If you like your tragedies served dark, raw and with a garnish of blasphemy, then you’ll love Gerald Oddman.

© 2020 by T.W.M. Ashford.