Not every story needs a sequel.

Check out some of my standalone books below. Some are novels, some are novellas, some are collections of short stories. A lot of my best ideas end up here.


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Jane knows one thing. This house hides a secret.

All she has is her name, and even that she stole. And then there’s Jack. He says he’s suffering from the same amnesia, but Jane suspects she can’t trust him. She’d leave, but an inky blackness lurks outside the windows and doors.

As the night goes on and her relationship with Jack turns steadily more sour, Jane has a choice: put up with Jack and wait for rescue, or brave the darkness and find out who she really is.

The Portrait Lingers Like a Whisper is a dark page-turner of a mystery. If you like ghostly memories, dangerous strangers and unpredictable twists, then you’ll love T.W.M. Ashford’s latest novella.


From the author of Blackwater and Checking Out comes a collection of seven short stories to delight and disturb. 

A joke while camping in the woods gets taken too far. A secret parliament of cats meets to discuss business. A teenage runaway finds a dead body in the marshes. A fisherwoman watches the Moon leave home. A man’s car breaks down on a Texas Interstate with a serial killer at large. A family dinner goes horribly wrong. And Little Red Riding Hood receives her darkest retelling yet.

Welcome to the mouth of midnight.

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Life isn't fair. Unfortunately, Death is.

Vincent (eleven, almost) doesn't take the death of his friend particularly well. He stops talking to his mother. He stops eating his food. And he becomes increasingly plagued by nightmares - nightmares hell bent on crossing over into the realm of reality.

When a car accident puts Vincent in a coma and his grandmother's dreamcatcher is destroyed, the nightmares seize their chance. Can Vincent come to terms with his loss before the Dark One takes over completely? Or will he succumb to the darkness in his dreams?

Featuring a cast of strange and unforgettable characters, T.W.M. Ashford's debut novel explores death and grief in a way that's raw, honest and original. 

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