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Kapamentis Crime, Book 1

Is mankind on the menu?

Meet Thaddeus Cutter. He’s a two-bit private detective struggling to get by on Kapamentis – a high-tech alien metropolis whose citizens consider humans little more than vermin. There’s no sun, it rains all the time, and business is so bad he can’t even afford the rent.


When a young woman turns up dead in an alley with her organs carved out, he jumps at the chance to make some credits. If he can stop a killer with a deadly appetite along the way, all the better. But the deeper he digs, the harder the city pushes back… and everything unravels in a far more sinister direction than even Thaddeus could have predicted.


Can Thaddeus cut short this string of grisly murders? Or will he become the latest human to fall through the cracks of Kapamentis?


Kapamentis Crime, Book 2


No good deed goes unpunished.

Thaddeus Cutter’s life is on the mend. His detective business is growing, he’s dating a sim-coder named Sakura, and he still has a roof over his head. If the dark, neon world of Kapamentis wasn’t suffering its worst storm in decades, he’d say he had it pretty good.

When a woman shows up at his door asking him to investigate her abusive husband and his anonymous business partner, Thaddeus assumes he’s got an easy case on his hands. But when somebody close to the investigation is murdered, Thaddeus becomes the prime suspect, and he soon falls foul of both the law and the lawless.

Can Thaddeus clear his name before the full force of the Ministerium crashes down on him?

Kapamentis Crime, Book 3


Meat and metal. Bone meets chrome.


Street gangs. Glamour models. Console jockeys. With tensions between mankind and the other species of the Ministerium at an all-time high, the human citizens of Kapamentis will take whatever cybernetic advantage they can get. But when a string of patients wind up dead from infected implants, the next step in human evolution might not be as safe as it seems.


With his detective licence revoked, Thaddeus Cutter is reduced to gutting fish down at the dock. Commander Eelo offers him a way back to his old life, but it soon becomes apparent he cares more about uncovering the truth than anyone at the precinct. He’s forced to finish the case alone… and his investigation takes him down the darkest districts of Kapamentis yet.


Are cyber-docs deliberately botching Homo sapiens’ implants? Or can the human body simply not handle the chrome?


Kapamentis Crime, Book 4


This app is to die for.


With life on Kapamentis so grim, many of its human citizens take every chance they get to disappear into digital realities. But when the latest sim to hit the ‘net starts frying users’ brains, it might not be such a great escape.


Meanwhile, an anonymous tip-off finally leads Thaddeus Cutter to Sakura’s whereabouts. A mega-corporation puts a target on their heads. But the distinction between attacker and rescuer might not be so clear...


Can Thaddeus and Sakura capture a virtual killer? Or is humanity on the verge of a digital extinction?

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