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Set in the Dark Star Panorama universe


Paradise is a nightmare.

Holly Bloom works as an analyst for Flynn Industries. When she intercepts a confidential email stating that the luxury space station housing the wealthiest members of humanity has gone dark, she immediately volunteers to accompany the rescue team sent to fix the comm issue… but Saturnalia is nothing like the reclusive paradise she’d come to expect.

Killers prowl its suites and the dead line its corridors. The only sane survivor is Fritz, an engineer who lives down in the bowels of the station. Together, they plan an escape. But the further through Saturnalia they sneak, the smaller the odds of their survival shrink… and the weirder the source of the violence becomes.

Holly risked everything to reach Saturnalia. Now she needs to find a way off the space station before she ends up as mad – or dead – as its residents.

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