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Embark on an epic, page-turning Space Opera as reluctant hero Jack Bishop and his eclectic crew evade hostile alien empires, uncover ancient conspiracies and fight their way back to a dying Earth.



The sun is dying, and it’s taking the Earth down with it.

Jack Bishop needs a pair of tickets aboard one of the Arks – colossal lifeboats destined to shepherd humanity to the stars. Desperate to save his wife, he signs up for a dangerous wormhole experiment… but something goes catastrophically wrong, and Jack finds himself cast into the Stellar Abyss.

Rescued by a ship of sentient automata on the run from a criminal warlord, Jack discovers a thriving intergalactic community on humanity’s doorstep. They have the technology to save Earth. The problem is, nobody’s ever heard of the place… and the androids are more interested in finding a mythical sanctuary than taking Jack home.

Jack wanted to escape Earth. Now he has to find a way back there – before it’s too late.


Humanity needs to escape its star. Now Jack needs to steal one.

Jack Bishop is desperate to get back to Earth. Three months have passed since he left Detri with the crew of the Adeona, yet their search has yielded zero results. So when a Krettelian slave sneaks aboard their ship and promises Jack a way home in exchange for her people’s freedom, he jumps at the offer… even if it means betraying one of the most powerful races in the galaxy.

Following a secret meeting on the Mansa homeworld, Jack agrees to risk his life stealing a Solar Core for the Krettelian resistance. He sneaks on board a cargo ship chartered for a new alien colony, but the heist is sabotaged… and now a whole empire wants him dead.

Can Jack use the Core to save humanity? Or did he just condemn it?



There’s only one way for Jack to get back home… and now he has to destroy it.

The Earth is a husk, humanity is long extinct and Charon has used his stolen Solar Core to harvest Proxima Delta’s star, dooming its populated system. The crew of the Adeona are divided – Jack thinks they should keep fighting, but Rogan and Brackitt just want to lay Tuner to rest in Detri.

By going their separate ways, Jack gets the chance to testify before the Ministry. But their bureaucracy is almost as exhausting as the hitman sent to kill him, and time is running out. Jack and Klik are left to unravel a new and even greater conspiracy alone.

Can Jack stop Charon from creating his singularity? Or will the temptation to see Amber again prove too great?


Jack Bishop is a long way from home. With no way back to the Earth he once knew, Jack considers himself alone in the galaxy… that is, until he receives a distress call from his old Ark ship, the Final Dawn.

Humanity lives on.

Or what’s left of it does, at least. The survivors have their sights set on New Eden – an untouched rainforest paradise ideal for starting anew. Jack volunteers to find a missing recon team, but the planet is rich with threats that could spell disaster for the entire colonisation effort… and secrets that could change Jack’s world forever.

All he wanted was to get back home. With Earth gone, can Jack help humanity build a new one?



Clockwork soldiers are on the march, and time is running out.

Jack Bishop has been in self-imposed exile ever since the failed colonisation of New Eden. But when galactic chaos threatens the automata’s chances of ever being treated like equals, Jack has no choice but to follow the crew of the Adeona back into danger again.

A decommissioned factory is mass-producing mechanical soldiers, and nobody knows why. Rogan and Tuner are sent to check. But what starts as a routine inspection soon evolves into a murderous conspiracy that threatens to fracture the Ministerium forever.

Jack wanted to hide from the galaxy. Now his crew’s the only one that can keep it from tearing itself apart.


Some truths are best kept secret.

The galactic community is on the verge of collapse, and nobody except the crew of the Adeona seems to question why. So when a visit to Everett Reeves sheds light on a possible lead, Jack has no choice but to investigate it, despite objections from Rogan and Klik.

Old adversaries are out for blood. Rogan’s past comes back to haunt her. And a new team of cash-strapped pirates might have what it takes to find the truth… if they can be trusted.

Will they discover the identity of the Archimandrite’s mysterious benefactor? Or are they simply chasing ghosts?



It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Jack Bishop and the crew of the Adeona have left the Milky Way in search of the mysterious extroplanet known only as XO-R15. But their journey through the Stellar Abyss takes a toll. The longer they spend traversing the eldritch void, the more cracks in the team begin to grow.

Mysterious frigates drifting through the unknown. Faceless shadows stalking the vents. And a dark world filled with dangers unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Will Jack finally unmask the conspiracy plaguing the galaxy? Or have they made a one-way trip for nothing?


The beginning of the end.

The crew of the Adeona are stranded on the extroplanet XO-R15 while the ancient Prymalis threat closes in on the cosmic community. Total galactic annihilation awaits. But even after Jack finally sends word to the Ministry, everybody’s too busy fighting each other to listen.

Planets fall. Mysteries are revealed. And the crew of the Adeona starts to crumble.

Can Jack unite the warring factions of the galaxy for long enough to stop the Prymalis? Or are the odds stacked too high against them?



Everything comes to an end.

The Prymalis continue their assault on the various homeworlds of the Milky Way. Max’s device for exterminating the ancient species has proven to be a dead end. And now the enemy appears to have set its sights on the most populated planet of all – Kapamentis.

Can the squabbling empires put aside their differences for long enough to stop the Prymalis? Or is the crew of the Adeona all that stands in their way?

The fate of the galaxy – and the trillions of lives that inhabit it – rests in their hands.

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